Trump Demands Decluttering

Donald TrumpTrump is pretty good at making demands and this time he may have an idea worth hearing, so listen up before he reverses his position.  If you look around your house, apartment, or garage you will find something you have not used in a year and probably don’t need.  If you can’t find anything maybe you should start your own decluttering blog, and yes they exist.  So how do Trump and tidying up go together?  Well, the Trump doll I have pictured was in a closet in my parents house for ten years or so and probably would have stayed there forever.  Recently he came out when he decided to run for president.  Yes, a doll running for president is pretty hilarious, but let’s not get into politics, we are talking about decluttering.

Decluttering is when you tidy up.  You can make some space by removing the stuff you do not need and perhaps gets some money in the process.

Getting down to business

In order to declutter you need to identify what you don’t want.  Trump would probably select some beans that he planned on spilling, but now needs to get rid of.  Start small with a category like clothing and pick five things you don’t need anymore.  You can give these away, throw them away, or sell them if they are of value.  I recommend selling your belongings on eBay or locally if large.  Trump believes all his stuff is the best this country has to offer so he wants to sell his junk.  However, his deals are way bigger so he likes to offload his stuff at the bankruptcy courts.

Storage units

Storage units or junk lockers sound like a good idea but they are a terrible idea.  They are a really profitable business and that is why you don’t see Trump Units.  If you have seen the show Storage Wars you know what they find in most units – junk.  However, some times they find something of value and maybe make a thousand bucks.  In order to get to this state the owners didn’t pay for awhile and now the unit belongs to storage unit.  The price for a unit in my area is $150 a month for 100 square feet.  If these units are abandoned after a year that means the person spent $1800 to store their belongings that may not even be worth that much.  You are better off selling the stuff and buying it later if you really need it.  If you happen to have valuables, then great, you can sell them now as a storage unit is probably not the place you would want to store that kind of stuff.

The one use for a junk locker that I could imagine is if you are a student away from school during the summer and need to stash all your stuff because you managed to save money by not paying rent all summer.


I don’t have children yet, but I used to be one.  Children can amass so many toys, school papers, and clothing.  When I go to my parent’s house I can always dig up some item from my childhood.  Now I look over the belonging and try to make disappear.  If you are sentimental, it may be difficult to throw things away, but are you really happier knowing that little Jimmy’s finger-paintings are aging in a dusty cabinet in the garage?


Eliminating the stuff you don’t need will help you by freeing your time and space.  If you clean out your garage, maybe you can now park in it or have space for a project.  Maybe you tidy up and realize you could downsize your home and be fine.  I am not commanding everyone to declutter, Trump is, but at least consider taking a hard look at your belongings and think if they may be better off outside your possession.  If you still think you need a storage please share why in the comments and maybe we can help you eliminate the need.

Finally, you want my doll?  Get it here, auction is almost over.

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