Spent over $100 on Skincare

And apparently I got a deal!

Little did I know that women use a lot of skincare products until I got married.  There are “routines” to be followed with products like toners, cleansers, serums, and moisturizers.  But you’re likely a woman and know this, so let’s move on to how we can get the best deal possible.

What I got

My wife wanted the pictured product, a serum that costs 122 bucks for 3.4 fluid ounces.  A gallon of this stuff would cost $4,600!  There are two smaller sizes, such as a 1 ounce which is $46 but that is even more pricey per ounce.  So why did I give in?  Well, I’ll explain.  I’m taking a course in Marketing and know the Kiehl’s is a premium product and likely has an 80% margin.  This means that they will try not to do discounts, however, they may try other promotions.  This week was such a promotion with a full-sized cleanser and 4 larger samples (yes samples are valuable too) with purchases over $100.  Then I checked the shopping portals and noticed that British Airways had double points meaning I could get 24 points per dollar, almost 3,000 total ($45 value in my book).

How you could do better

I was almost able to get an addition $16 off by purchasing a Kiehl’s gift card from SaveYa.  However, they flagged my account as suspicious, probably since I was trying to buy dollar-denominated gift cards from Europe, and I was unable to make the purchase.  I also joined the Kiehl’s Rewards program which will give me $10 in credit at some point for this purchase.  I don’t know what my wife will need by then because 3.4 fl oz should last 10 years right?


I love to be frugal and could probably use Boraxo to clean myself.  However, I’m not going to mandate that my wife can’t have any beauty products.  Life is more than just money.  We don’t have to spend it all to be happy, nor do we need to save it all.  Find a healthy balance that works for you and hopefully your money will be working for you rather than you chasing after the money.

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