Services I Use

Give money

Compassion: As an American you are in the upper decile of the world’s income.  Other than helping the person on the offramp it can often be tough to find ways to help others.  I like Compassion because they serve children in need and you can communicate with the child you sponsor.

Track money

Personal Capital: This site is full of tools to track your ever growing wealth.  I like the feature which shows you how much you are paying in fees.  You can also run simulations to see if your money will last through retirement.

Mint: This is a great way of tracking your spending and net worth. People use it for different reasons including alerting them when they have a low balance, make a large purchase, are charged a fee, or have reached a goal.  I enjoy looking at my monthly trends to see how I spent my money.

Save money

Discover Bank: Don’t let your money sit in your bank account earning 0.01% when you could put it in Discover Bank and earn 1.01%.  I earn over $100 in interest a year this way.

Transferwise: When you need to transfer money abroad, this is a very low-cost solution.

Metromile: This is a car insurer that charges per mile driven.  Great if you drive fewer than 800 miles a month.

TopCashBack: Using this shopping portal you can get a percentage of your online purchases back in a cash payout.  I have earned over $700 to date.

Ohmconnect: This is a service that pays me to save electricity.  When I signed up I got $20 immediately and then additional money when I conserve.  Only available in California.

Earn money

Lyft: We each completed our 75 for the $750 bonus.  Make sure you get a big bonus if you are going to start driving for Lyft.  Read more about it here.

Uber: My wife did it and got a $750 bonus.  Wouldn’t recommend doing more than the bonus period.

Discover IT Card: Is a credit card really a tool to earn money?  Well if you are responsible then it can be a tool for good.  This card is a decent 1% back card, but it has 5% quarterly bonuses on pretty normal items.  Also, for the first year you receive DOUBLE cash back which means you can get 10% back on the bonus categories.  Click through the link to get a Ulysses when signing up and it should be doubled after one year.

Invest money

Wealthfront: This is a robo-advisor that invests for you in low cost funds.  I grew up using a online broker to invest my money and really missed out on the market gains through poor choices and hundreds in commissions.  Wealthfront will manage your first $15,000 for free and a 0.25% advisory fee after that with commission free trades.  They provide tax loss harvesting so you are minimizing taxes on your investments.  When signing up you will fill out an online questionnaire to determine your risk tolerance which will determine how they allocate your money.  You are free to change the allocation once a month, but I recommend only changing it as your circumstances dictate; do not fall prey to market swings.


Roam: You can living in a foreign place with a community of foreigners.