Points to the Rescue

Yesterday was quite an adventure, but everything ended well.  The story begins in Madeira.  After arriving to the airport at 8AM for our 9:20AM flight we looked at the departure board and noticed our flight to Lisbon was delayed until 1:45PM.  Then my wife checked her email and found that her flight from Lisbon to London got canceled.  The reason she was going to London was to catch a flight to Los Angeles.

The problem

If your flight is delayed and you miss your connection then you get rebooked on a later one.  However, sometimes it is cheaper to buy separate tickets, but in this case since the reservations aren’t connected you will have a problem if you miss your flight.  In this case the problem was she was on EasyJet for Funchal to Lisbon, British Airways to London, and LOT to Los Angeles.  So there were two points where a problem could occur.  To mitigate the chances we booked with at least 7 hour layovers in Lisbon and London.  But the delay from EasyJet coupled with a cancellation was threatening to derail the plan.

How we got here

You are probably thinking FNC-LIS-LHR-WAW-LAX is a terrible route.  However, we originally got the LHR to LHR through WAW roundtrip for free using our Merrill+.  Then adding the legs to Lisbon was easy using British Airways miles.  Then we tried to squeeze in a trip to Madeira since there was a good price on flights with a budget airline.  It was worth it, great views and fun driving the steep hills.

The solution

Back to 8:30AM.  We went to the United website and found a flight from FNC to LHR through LIS that leaves at 10:30AM.  It cost $114 + 15,000 miles, $75 extra because it was within 21 days of departure.  Then winds caused delays and we didn’t leave until 3PM.  This left a short connection in Lisbon, but since the flight to London was delayed we were able to run back to the apartment and grab a bag.  Who knew you can check a bag in the middle of your itinerary?


Last I heard my wife was in London, so I assume she got on her flight and is on her way to Los Angeles, but as if she didn’t have enough stress, she only had a 55 minute connection in Warsaw and her flight from London was delayed 30 minutes.  Points allowed us to change plans rather than be out of control or have to pay a lot for a last minute flight.  The cherry on top is that we may get compensated for the EasyJet flight delay and TAP gave us free lunch vouchers.

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