Meet the Hamiltonians

Dear Hamiltonians,Alexander Hamilton

That’s right, YOU are a Hamiltonian because you are reading this blog.  In case you were unaware, Alexander Hamilton is the man on the ten dollar bill and I’m sure we’ll get to learn more about him later. Being a Hamiltonian means finding clever ways to retain or bring in more money.  Although making huge sacrifices can bring a big windfall, it is possible to find easy ways to save ten bucks at a time.

I have been inspired by Mr. Money Mustache to save more and even sell my car.  One of his articles is about how a millionaire is made ten bucks at a time and that is an inspiration for this blog.  Every week I will show you a way to collect a Hamilton and sometimes more.  Certain methods will be familiar to you while others will be things you never considered.  As this blog progresses I hope you will share your ideas with me and consider writing an article so you can help others on their journeys to becoming millionaires.

One thing Hamilton said was, “Those who stand for nothing fall for everything.”  This blog will teach you to stand for certain things that will save you money.  Do not give in to everything, but with some discipline and creativity your net worth will grow.  If you are thinking of quitting before getting started, start with something easy and if you and your wallet are no better off go ahead and quit.

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