MacBooks are the Gold Standard

I found this picture and thought I should write something about it, because this picture captures hustling.  In the picture there are 7 MacBooks.  There is also a Trader Joe’s mailer which I used as packaging, because why buy something when you could be creative.  Like most things, they depreciate over time, so I made sure to sell them as quickly as possible.


Why did I buy so many MacBooks?  Well, I got them because Discover was having a ridiculous deal of 10% cashback on purchases using Apple Pay which would be doubled at the end of the year for new Discover IT cardmembers.  In order to prepare for the promotion my wife got the card and an iPhone 6.  I have had a Discover card since college, still loving it, but was able to call customer service and have them change it from a Discover More to Discover IT which allowed me to get my rewards doubled.  This proactiveness allowed for hundreds of additional dollars in rewards.  You can’t get get what you don’t ask for.

Using as a unit of measurement

I buy MacBooks a bit cheaper than most people, but it still costs around $1,000.  That is a good measurement for other things because it is easy to compare in utility and experience.  Now a vacation may cost 3 MacBooks, woah that sounds expensive. A really fancy meal for two with wine, half a MacBook.  An iPhone costs a MacBook, well I can skip it.

Mac or PC

I will admit that I have gone to the dark side and joined Apple for my laptop, but I will be staying away from the iPhone.  What I like about it is that it retains its value very well.  I can buy it for a really good price, use it for several years and then sell it for for more than half the price I paid.  Essentially I am paying less than $150 a year to own the computer.  People spend more on upgrading their phones.

Better than gold

Why do I say that MacBooks are better than gold?  It is because I know the price will go down slowly.  As for gold, I have no idea if the price will go up or down, and that means it is impossible to consistently profit from it as I learned last year.


Reselling items has been one of my income hobbies and last year we managed to get almost $8,000 in extra income from doing a variety of things.  You don’t need a hobby that produces income, but I find it nice to have when most hobbies cost money.  I went kind of crazy with the MacBooks, but then again there was a week when I sold over 40 vacuums and Amazon froze my account…

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