Looks Like Women Like My Advice

It appears that women are going to be the rich ones of the future because among my Facebook fans 69% of them are women.  Back in high school, my English teacher said that women rule the world.  I disagreed pointing at the Wall Street Journal I carried everywhere showing him Bernanke, Obama, Buffet, and other men.  He said I would come back within ten years and admit that he was right.  Nine years later I went back and told him he was right.  The Fed Chair is now Janet Yellen, I am married, and Hillary was almost president.  So I guess it shouldn’t be surprising more women are reading my advice and saving money.  So now I have to think of a way to talk to my female audience.

Women’s Products

You may have noticed that there are products made just for women.  This could be clothing, deodorant, or even the notorious Bic for Her pens.  A study found that among a basket of 800 products in the UK those targeted to women were 7% more expensive.  I am going to recommend considering men’s products, but probably not for dresses.  I have used women’s stick deodorant and didn’t notice any difference and I suspect it is the same as men’s in a smaller package.  Perhaps I missed out on women flocking to me as the Axe commercials show, but I don’t need that.  A razor will cut hair whether it is pink or black.

Apparently, women get mortgage rates 40 basis points (.4%) higher than men.  That is a big difference, so please make sure to shop around, I don’t know what this difference is due to, but get the best rate you can.

Car dealers offer a lower initial price to men than women.  This means you will have to negotiate harder.  You can follow the route I took or may even consider having another person negotiate for you if you are uncomfortable doing it.  I know if I couldn’t get the price I wanted I was going to enlist someone more skilled in negotiating and give them a cut of the discount.


In the US women are getting paid 80 cents for the $1 a man earns.  So when you are interviewing for a job ask for the right amount and try hard to get it.  I liked this article because it provides some good strategies.


I think everyone should be treated equally.  Thank you to all my female fans and I hope you are all saving a ton of money and working hard.  Unfortunately, it looks like you will have to work a bit harder to get your fair share.  But I have confidence that if you are reading this blog then you are interested in changing the world; I’m rooting for you.

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