The Library Still Exists?

Library FineYou may think the library is a place for children, but you may be mistaking that with the children’s section.  The library really has the more resources for adults and has resources for the 21st century.  A few months ago I purchased When Breath Becomes Air because it was a new release and those take a long time to get your hands on at the library, or so I thought.  My mother was number 130 on the waitlist, but in a couple weeks they called and said it was her turn and needed to pick up the book by the next day.


I think reading can be a surprising expensive hobby.  Buying a few books a month will cost a few hundred a year.  My wife is currently late with a Barefoot Contessa book which is running us 25 cents a day.  We can’t return it because we are out of town burning some airline miles, but the book is $20 on Amazon ($15 used).  Paying the late fees are way cheaper than the cost of the book.  I like reading the newspaper and used points to get it, but now try to spend more time learning more skills rather than keeping up with the news.  I think reading is a good hobby and keeps your mind sharp and entertained, but I don’t think it is good if it becomes too much like TV and saps your time and life away.

Not just books

The library is obviously a good place to borrow books, but now they have much more.  There are magazines, language CDs, DVDs, and even video games.  When I saw video games I really got scared for our future generation.  You can also use their free wifi, computers, and maybe that one rouge library with video games I saw five years ago has a VR set by now.

When I don’t use the library

With free books available on Amazon Prime I sometimes don’t need to go to the library.  Recently I got The Millionaire Next Door for free which has been a great read and I’ll review it later.  Language textbooks are an item which I need a copy because I am constantly using it and it is needed for longer than a library term, however I often buy them used and sell them back for little loss.


Using the library is good because it prevents unnecessary waste when a book is only read one and thrown away.  I don’t think anyone throws it away immediately, but it sits on a bookshelf where it isn’t used again and later donated.  My library doesn’t even take donations because it has too many and even at 50 cents it can’t sell enough to make space.  You thought I blew a lot of money on When Breath Becomes Air but of course I got it for under $5 by using a coupon on Google Express or something, but that book too is just sitting in the house now.  So take my advice and find your old library card or get a new one.  You are paying taxes for it so why don’t you go enjoy.

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