I’m Off to Europe

I’m at the airport and going to Europe.  You may think I am going to fly there for free with all my points and you’d be correct.  However, this time it is not for a simple vacation, I am moving there to do a 1-year MBA program.  This is the transition that I hinted out before and the reason I have moved to cash.

Reasons for Europe

It is cheaper.  There are many good deals to be found outside of the United States.  The cost of living in the city I am going to is much lower than where I live in Orange County.  In fact, the average monthly income is less than my rent, meaning my rent is going down by a lot.

Reasons for Education

Education can be a good way to improve and invest in yourself.  Right now, I am my biggest source of income.  I don’t have a huge sum of money generating dividends, real estate, or business.  The best way to increase my income is to earn more and I believe an MBA is an investment that can pay off.  Fortunately, it is much more affordable in Europe so I won’t have to take out a huge student loan.


Being outside of America means that I will not get to take advantage of all the free money available from credit cards, banks, and Staples.  However, I think reducing my spending and increasing my education will be positive consequences.  My school is going to be half the time at half the cost.  This is also one-year of weekly postings so I think next year I will be slowing down as I may not have as much to save or as much time to say it.

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