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HSBC OfferI have collected bank bonuses in the past and did so for two this summer, what I didn’t realize is just how much free money was available for the taking.  So I decided to see if I could take advantage of two more and end the year with $1,550 in bonuses.  The money is free, but it will be taxed as interest.

So far I have opened a Chase account which provided me with $200.  They also provide $150 to open a checking, but I had one already.  A Bank of the West account gave me $600.  This was a mail offer I received, so be on the lookout. The other ones which I am trying to complete are Citibank which should give us $400 if we maintain $15,000 for 30 days and an HSBC one for $350.  This article will walk you through the HSBC one so you can collect your $350 as well.

Step by step

People will say that they don’t have $50,000, $15,000, or even $1,000 to let sit in a bank account for a few months to earn a bonus and that is alright, in time those amounts should be doable.  Instead of finding reasons not to act, I’ll give you a reason to.  If you have a job and $1, yes only $1, then you can take advantage of HSBC offer which will make you $350 richer.

  1. Click on the HSBC offer link
  2. Print the offer and go to your local HSBC to complete or scroll down and click apply online for a Choice Checking which has the lowest requirements
  3. Fill out application before November 18, 2016 and deposit $1 or more
  4. When your account you must complete at least one of the following:
    • Pay at least two bills per month from HSBC’s online Bill Pay for three consecutive months within 120 calendar days of account opening.
    • Receive at least one qualifying direct deposit per month into your new HSBC checking account for three consecutive months within 120 calendar days of account opening that total to at least $3,000.
  5. After the requirements are met wait 8 weeks for the money to appear


Even if this offer isn’t for you , I’m sure there is something you qualify for, so why not take a few minutes to get paid to try a new bank.  Most offers are for new customers, though offers vary so make sure to read all the terms and conditions.  Best of luck to everyone, do share if you plan on doing it.

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