Tainan NightMy wife is on Obamacare, but we didn’t get her dental insurance because we’ll be able to get it through my employer shortly.  I’m so nice I still let her eat sweets.  I often hear how good and affordable healthcare is in Taiwan so a lack of dental insurance seemed like a good reason to send her to the dentist.

Cleaning and inspection

The cleaning was very quick and consisted of spraying teeth with water and looking for cavities.  And what do you know, one cavity was spotted.  This cost $20 you could pay more for a deep cleaning, but not sure what that would entail.


They were going to fill it on the spot, but we rescheduled for another day.  They filled it for another $20.  In Taiwan, they don’t use numbing so my wife had to deal with the pain, but after five minutes it was over and all good.


Sometimes you have to think outside of the box to save money.  To fill my wife’s cavity is not a reason to book a flight to Taiwan, but reading another person’s blog I learned that some dental procedures can cost over $10,000.  With such a large amount it may be worth looking outside the country.  Believe it or not, there are plenty of places with quality service at prices much less than America’s.  Like I regularly say, keep up your health because that is what is important and will provide you with a better quality of life than anything you could purchase.


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