Cheap Ideas for April Fools 2016

Today is April Fools so let’s share our cheapest ideas.  If you have ever watched Extreme Cheapskates it is hilarious to see how far these people go to save a nickel.  This blog isn’t about being cheap, so maybe we can get a laugh from the following.


  • Use hair as dental floss.  Find a person with long hair and then you have floss for life.  You can even grow your own!  On TV a guy just reused the same piece, I think I’ve outdone him.
  • Utilize roadkill.  Yes, on the show someone not only stewed their roadkill, but made a nice purse from skin.  Way to recycle.
  • Add soap to inflatable swimming pool water after use to wash dishes.


  • Reuse paper towels.  If your hands are clean and you are just drying them off wouldn’t a paper towel dry and be clean?  I wonder because you often see trash can overflowing with spotless paper towels.
  • Sampling too much.  I have seen people at Costco request five samples.

April Fools to all, I hope you have realized that you don’t have to be cheap to save money.    Maybe in the future if we lack resources these ideas will not seem so ridiculous, but currently there are plenty of other great ways to cut expenses and save money.

If you have crazy examples or have seen stuff please share.

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