Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Shopping

BR OrderYou may be thinking that this article is coming out late when Black Friday already passed and you’d be right.  But since I only have a dozen consistent readers at the moment, I think this article will be more of a guide for future readers.  Did you buy anything this year?  Being frugal you may have thought I didn’t, but after years wearing the same wardrobe, I decided to get new pants and shirts.

My deal

Gap and Banana Republic had a 50% off sale on Black Friday.  I went into the store and purchased one shirt and one pair of pants.  This was a good decision because it confirmed what size I am.  I then paid with a gift card I used my Discover rewards to get.  An $80 shirt became $40 + tax and I used $40 of Discover rewards to get a $50 Banana Republic gift card.  They gave me the $7 gift card balance in cash, so I got an $80 shirt for $33, a 59% discount.  If you don’t have Discover rewards you can often buy discounted gift cards on many sites including Staples, eBay, or Raise.  I had a good start, but my day didn’t end with a pair of pants and a shirt.  I went back home to their website where I purchased five more items.  The benefit to shopping online is you can use a cashback portal, but you can’t cash out the gift card balance.  The portal gave me an additional 5% cashback.

Your deal

So you are probably American and that probably means you’re a consumer, so you want to buy stuff.  Apple just came out with a new MacBook Pro with a touch bar.  I tried it, you have lived your life without it and probably can continue to do so, so if you are looking for a new computer, try some of my advice.  For the things you have wanted, opposed to impulse buys, you can get a good deal at this time of the year.  I think Black Friday and Cyber Monday will have great deals, but retailers still want your money today and going forward, so I believe that good deals will continue to the end of the year.  As for Sears, it seems like the weekend is enough of a reason for them to run a sale.


If you have been waiting for a 4K 78” 3D Curved TV to go on sale, it probably is discounted to $4,000.  But maybe you could consider a 4K 60” TV for $947.71 at Walmart.  If you are flexible you can really get a good deal.  When you want something do a bit of research to find a good deal and then jump on it.  If you later find a better deal and paid with a credit card, you may be eligible for price protection.  Don’t get sucked into overconsumption, but always look for a good deal.

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