About Me

About Me

Hello Hamiltonians,

I am glad you have found my site and I hope to provide you with many money saving tips as well as my experiences getting great deals and saving money.  I am in my 20s and spend a good amount of time thinking of business ideas and creative ways to save money.  I have not struck riches yet, but I keep busy trying and am progressing towards my goal of financial independence by 40.  I am married to someone who loves to travel so I have got into the credit card points and airline miles game. I do not trust Suzy Orman’s advice, greatly prefer Mr. Money Mustache, and want to help others see things that they don’t take the time see because often saving is a function of preparation.

A Bit Longer Story

The first story I remember regarding money was Christmas in 1998 when I received Pokemon and a Game Boy Pocket.  I was happy to get it but the next day I cried to my parents how much a Game Boy costs and how they should have saved their money.  They let me keep it.  Since then I have done all sort of things from McDonald’s Monopoly for free food to signing up to get credit card bonuses.

Once I had an allowance I tried to maximize my earnings and minimize the items I purchased, often saving up for something big such as a Razor scooter and a piece of Disney artwork.  In high school, I drove a soccer mom wagon and saved up for the future having no idea what was to come.  I worked at Dairy Queen starting in my junior year and that provided a great incentive to go to college get a higher paying job.  I went to UC Berkeley and kept my costs low through sharing with several roommates and a low-cost diet of foods I would not recommend.  Now I work in an office and love to provide advice to anyone who has a financial decision to make.  I live in the bubble of Irvine, California and do not own a home because I believe the market is overvalued and hope to work somewhere far away before I am tied down geographically with a home.

Why Ten Bucks a Week?

Ten bucks is a manageable goal.  It is also an amount where you have to be creative; no one is going to refinance their home or student loans to save ten bucks, but they might drive an extra mile, use a coupon, or sign up for an email list.  Saving ten bucks a week will not be enough to retire on, but it will get the ball rolling and soon you will be coming up with your own ideas which I would be happy to hear and even feature.

I decided to write because my coworkers say I have good ideas which they have not thought of and I would like to share those with others.  Also, I am sure they get sick of me telling them all my crazy ideas, but they lack a choice because we are all in the same area.  Blog readers have many choices, so you only have to read what you like.  I hope my advice provides value to all and hopefully you learn something you did not think of before.

Thanks for reading,
Founder of Ten Bucks a Week